How to Get a Flock of Canada Geese in New Jersey to Move

We went to the park for a bicycle ride along the trails that are there. We get down by the water and we hear loud honking. Not cars but hundreds of geese. When we rounded a bend we were very close to a bunch of them. We startled them and they got up and ran and then slowly made it into the air. It is more like a 747 taking off than a Piper Cub. Starling them is not good as males can get quite aggressive. The park authority had called Canada geese control in NJ to see if there could be anything safe done to get the birds to move to a less populated or used area of the park.

I think the issue is that this portion of the trail has a large grassy area that has trees too and is very close to the water. It is a perfect place for a large flock of Canada geese to land and get water and food and roost. I think it must have been a breeding area for generations too as they do like to keep coming back to the same spot year after year. I wondered what the company that does Canada geese control in NJ was going to do to get the birds to move.

I know that the birds are hunted, but there is no hunting allowed in this park because of the trails for hiking and biking going through all the wooded areas. I am happy that the park authority hired professionals to help convince the birds to relocate to a different area. There is a large field across the water that hardly is ever used. This would be a perfect place for the birds. It was just a matter of dissuading them from staying here and choosing to move over to the other field.